blends with benefits.

We believe wellness rituals shouldn’t be complicated.
That’s why we create all natural, tea + botanical based products that compliment each other and your goals without compromising convenience, sustainability, or impact.

benefiting you

From sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm, and more. Whatever your goal, we've got you covered. 

benefiting the planet
Our tea packaging is 100% biodegradable + refillable & our pyramid tea bags are made of plant-based fibres, plastic-free, and also fully biodegradable. We are proudly a certified B-corp.

benefiting women
A portion of proceeds from every order supports ambitious women founders through our funding and mentorship programs.

live & lead consciously.

Tease creates all natural, tea and botanical based products that support you to live and lead consciously.

We’re on a mission to show everyone that they have exceptional power to impact themselves, their communities, and their planet. We do this through supporting daily intentional rituals that create long lasting impact.

-Sheena Brady, Founder & Tea Sommelier
-Amanda Baker, COO + Herbalist

"I've always been ambitious and I want everyone to have the tools that I found to help reach their full potential."

-Sheena Brady, Founder
& Tea Sommelier

Starting my career in hospitality, I was out to build something big. That required long hours, sleepless nights, unwavering self determination and so much more than I had ever expected from myself in the past. Honestly - at the time I was surviving off of 4-5 cups of coffee a day which did little to help my already existing anxiety, insomnia, digestion and sleep challenges.

I knew I couldn’t keep up at the pace forever, but I wasn’t going to give up. I had to learn new ways to take care of myself so that I could reach my full potential and continue building a career and life that I loved.

That's when I was introduced to tea. I found rooibos for sleep, maté for energy, botanicals like moringa to calm my nerves, matcha to give me a boost of antioxidants to keep colds at bay, the list goes on. Each blend I discovered felt like a piece of a puzzle to building my ultimate life.

I began sharing my experience, and formulating my own blends with herbs and ingredients that would further enhance the results of the base blend. From there, I became a certified tea sommelier, falling in love with tea production and science behind the plants.

I’m still that same ambitious person I was when I started my career in hospitality, and I want you to have the tools that I found to reach their full potential. In work, in family, in partnership. Everyone deserves the support to live and lead their ultimate lives. That's why we create our functrional tea blends + more at tease.

-Sheena Brady, Founder & Tea Sommelier

It all started with a cup of tea.

Tease founder Sheena Brady shares how her inspiration for tea and botanical ingredients led to starting the company and our mission to invest in women.

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